Tumultuous Times

Yes! We’ve come this far, but what’s next; it seems that each day there is more bad news and it keeps getting worse.

       Of course, my daughter would probably say… Blah – Blah – Blah, Get over it Dad.

And you know what, she would be right, the worst of this is probably behind us. In the beginning, the administration was slow to respond and this tragedy could have been far less costly if they had acted sooner, but now America is fully engaged to defeat this pandemic; there is a new test kit that gives immediate results, we are dedicating large facilities for medical treatment of those afflicted and Spring is just around the corner, with flowers blossoming and warmer temperatures; that’s something to look forward too.

At the same time, this is what concerns me about the economy, if I hold up a hundred- dollar bill and ask, what do you see, of course you’ll say, A HUNDRED-DOLLAR BILL, what I see is ink on paper, in other words, ART, the only value it has is how it’s perceived and with the Federal Reserve currently printing billions of them, it can only make a bad situation worse.

       To which, my daughter might say … What’s your point Dad?

My point is, as I wrote in an article last year (deficit now at 29 trillion)  about how the national debt has become so large that to most of us it is unfathomable, so I wanted to put it in terms that people could understand, but now, once this pandemic passes, its after effects will still linger and it will further stress and undermine our ailing financial system.gallery

We can’t predict the future, but we can certainly prepare for it to make it better. We are entering into a new world, where we will be living, working and entertaining more from our homes So, as it has been proven thus far during the pandemic, we will want our homes to be warm and inviting, not only for our own personal comfort, but also for those we entertain in our homes.

My point is that although there may be austere times ahead, regardless of economic conditions, as long as we have living spaces, people will want to decorate the walls of their homes and offices, not only to brighten their spirits, but also to impress others who may visit. Art & custom framing is a multi-billion dollar industry in an under served wide open sector with high profit margins and with our new concepts & innovations, we have made it attractive and affordable for every household, giving us a competitive advantage.

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Deficit Dilemma

George M Vodin

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