One Of The Most Overlooked Aspects Of Home Decor


Interior designers know the importance of proper art in the finishing of a room. Marrying the wall art with complementary framing which also harmonizes with the room can be a daunting task.

A framing consultant with experience and expertise in design can help you achieve an outstanding and quality product within budget.

Here are six top reasons the experts have found for you to consider custom framing to boost your interior design:

1) Custom framing personalizes your home or business: many rooms are filled with mediocre frames that you barely notice but when an object is custom designed it enriches the lives of everyone who sees it. Custom designed wall décor gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with the things that inspire you and make your life more enjoyable.

2) Revitalizes your art: You can change the frame and make an old piece of art look brand new and modern.

3) Adds style: Custom framing provides one of the best and easiest ways to make a room more stylish, by adding focal points.

4) Posterity’s sake: Custom framing preserves your pieces so you may pass it down to the next generation.

5) Longevity: Quality custom framing will outlast your furniture, TV, and sound systems, yet inexpensive framing may warp, change color, and may even damage the art.

6) Care: Custom framing is physically assembled one at a time by a skilled craftsman, not in a factory. It is built to your specifications with care. You can think of custom framing as custom furniture for your walls.

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