Is art a good investment?


Whenever asked, I say that you should buy art because you love it, but it may not be a bad investment either. We found an article from Barclays Bank and in it, it says: “New research from Barclays Capital suggests that fine art is the best-performing type of asset during periods of high economic growth and strong inflation. ”

Think about this, take a bill out of your wallet, it can be of any denomination, now hold it in front of you and tell me what you got; it’s ink on paper, in other words, it is ART. It is art not only in the traditional sense, but also in the sense that government induces you to believe that it has real value even though they are currently printing and flooding at least eighty-five billion more of it into the economy every month, which means over time, it is going to take more of those dollars to buy the same amount of goods, which is called inflation.

On the other hand real art is limited to a finite amount, it is coveted and adored, it is understood in every language and it has no cultural barriers. Think about this, when the German generals were fleeing after the second world war, they weren’t taking Deutschmarks with them, they were taking art, because they knew that it was a store house of value and that it would transcend the boundaries of any nation in the world.

So, maybe it is not by chance that most wealthy people collect art not only for its beauty, but also as an investment.

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