I didn’t know that you could do that!


That is the answer I usually get when I show people how we can take a paper art print or poster, lift the inks off of it and put the image on canvas and make it look like an original oil painting, brush strokes and all, but at a fraction of the price. The next question we usually get is, how do you do that? First we bond a clear laminate film to the picture and then dip it in a solution that dissolves the paper, leaving us with a thin film with the image on it. We lay that over the canvas and place it into a machine called a vacuum press that sucks the film right into the canvas, then as a last step we put a clear acrylic gel over the image and retouch it with brush strokes to capture the style of the art; it dries clear and picks up the underlying colors, making it look like an original oil painting. We have many examples of this in our gallery, but the beauty of this process is that you can pick from thousands of art prints to get the right size, colors, style and subject matter to match your setting and taste at a reasonable price. Also, you won’t have the glare of glass and since you don’t need glass or matting, you will save on the framing.

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