How Expensive is Custom Framing

Every home and every office has framed art and most people would like to have art that reflects their lifestyle, taste and values; after all we do live in an image conscious society and since a picture is worth a thousand words, the art that we have on our walls has a lot to say about us.

With that said, many times people avoid custom framing because it is believed to be too difficult, too time consuming and too expensive. More often than not, that’s true; this is a fragmented industry and most shops use an antiquated distribution system that involves many layers of middlemen, each taking a profit and ratcheting up the price.

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We do things differently, we buy directly from the manufacturers and do all of the work in house, eliminating the middlemen and our proprietary order management system allows us to funnel all of the work to a central location which gives us economies of scale that can’t be beat.

We took three identical pictures, we framed one, then we went to two nationally known competitors and asked them to frame it as close to ours as possible. here are the results and as you can see one was with a 50% off coupon. All three pictures are on display at our Lake Zurich gallery; come on in and judge for yourself, we’ll even tell you who the other two competitors are.

In conclusion, good framing is not inexpensive, but with our innovations and technology it can be made affordable. It is something that you will have for many years and be able to enjoy and share with friends and family.