Site Specifications

  • 1600 to 3000 square feet of space
  • 5 car parking minimum with handicap included
  • Easy access
  • Shopping Malls
  • Village Centers
  • Strip center
  • Traffic count minimum 8,000 per 24 hour period
  • A median age of 38 years, by 75% or greater of the population, within a 3 mile radius
Art store


As our standard of living continues to rise, there are more home owners and their homes are larger and more luxurious than in previous generations. This new generation is better educated, more affluent; they want and can afford to buy the better things in life and are very conscious of the importance of projecting the right image. Art is an integral part of their home, office environment and style of living.


In the past, most people who have gotten involved in the art and framing business have been artists—not necessarily good businessmen. It has long been considered a craft rather than an industry, because each has their own way of doing things and they rely on a cadre of middlemen to provide and process their end product. Even other franchises in this industry still use the same middlemen and the same old antiquated distribution system.

Design Efficiency

Our “State-of-the-Art” “Fancy Art Order Management System” (FOMS) is a 21st Century revolutionary break through for this industry. It allows you to quickly and simply compose a framing treatment, tailored to your customers taste and budget; then with as little effort as a push of a button, their orders are uploaded to a central location, where they will be completely fabricated and then delivered back to your location for final assembly. In this way, we can eliminate all the middle layers, maximize yield and buying power, and reduce your cost of operation by not tying up capital and space in unnecessary equipment it would take to do things piece meal. You can spend more of your time on merchandising and making money.

Our franchise fee for a single location is $24,500.00 and the total cost including fixtures, equipment, inventory and ancillary fees can range from $104,000.00 to $206.000.00.

Fancy Art, NFP understands that easing the way for your franchise financing application begins with our ability to help make it easier for lenders to finance your business. For SBA Financing, this starts with proving to lenders that we are a viable franchise and have passed SBA eligibility requirements. We have enabled this by having our SBA eligibility documentation accessible to lenders 24/7 on the Franchise Registry. The Franchise Registry’s SBA Eligibility service that we utilize helps lenders throughout the lifecycle of a loan. Lenders also have access to a dedicated Lender Specialist who they can call with any questions or problems, for more information go to