Frequently Asked Questions… & Their Answers

What types of franchises are available?


Individual store franchises, Multi-Unit and Area Developer packages can also be purchased.


What is the present franchise fee?


The initial franchise fee is $24,500.00

What is the continuing royalty fee and how often is it paid?

The present royalty fee is 7% of gross volume. This is paid to the franchisor weekly.

What is the term of the franchise agreement? Can it be renewed?

The term of the franchise agreement is for ten years. It can be renewed for another ten years at the terms of the then current franchise agreement.

Can I sell my franchise?

A franchisee’s business can be sold, with the franchisor’s approval to a qualified buyer.

What is the Advertising Fee?

Currently the advertising fee is 2% to be spent by you locally for your own Fancy Art, *N.F.P.™ store and 2% to be contributed by all stores within your area for cooperative advertising, for a total of 4%.

How do I learn the business? Is there a training program? What does it cost?


Fancy Art, *N.F.P.™ provides a complete training school for you and your manager as part of the franchise agreement at no additional cost.


What is my Protected Territory?


A 3 mile radius about your location and/or a population density of 70,000. (further defined in Franchise Disclosure Document)


Who finds the site?


We will give you site guidelines and assist you in site selection, but you find your own site and submit it for acceptance.

How long does it take to open a Fancy Art, *N.F.P.® Franchise store?

The time varies but normally about four to six months from the signing of the franchise agreement.

Is Financing available?


Financing is available from banks and other lenders. Fancy Art, *N.F.P.® is a member of the “Franchise Registry”, which should help to expedite in the approval of your loan request.


What do I do next?


Completely fill out and mail or fax the Confidential Request for Consideration Form enclosed in this brochure. Once we receive and evaluate it, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document and the Franchise Agreement. This does not obligate you or Fancy Art, *N.F.P.® in any way.


Can I visit Corporate Headquarters?


We encourage you to visit with us after you have received the documents.