Fancy Art, *NFP wants Veterans as Franchisees

Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative

Veterans make excellent business owners, and Fancy Art, *NFP wants to help them begin new careers that will allow them to prosper, which is why we offer honorably discharged veterans a $5,000.00 credit to be put toward their franchise fee. The art and framing industry is built on trust, and no one is more trusted or better respected than a veteran who has given years of selfless service for their country. Communities embrace veterans, and we are eager to see them succeed. Fancy Art, *NFP provides an excellent system that, when followed, can generate favorable results. Veterans themselves excel in franchise systems because they are highly motivated, proactive and excellent at following a successful system. Veterans can also take advantage of federal government contracting rules. The Department of Defense tries to award at least 3 percent of its contracts to veteran-owned businesses, but routinely falls billions of dollar short of the goal. In 2009, the DoD would have liked to spend $9 billion with veteran-owned businesses, but spent$4.3 billion.Veterans who own a Fancy Art, *NFP franchise have an advantage in securing contracts at government facilities.