Does Art Imitate Life or Vice Versa?

In our fast paced, complex society it is troubling to hear that there is so much crime, particularly when I here of a child being shot for no apparent reason. So, what does that have to do with art? Since the beginning of civilization, people huddled around the campfire at night and listened to the elders tell their tales of bravery and then the children would imitate them. Today that campfire is television, videos, computer games, records and yes, the art you have hanging on your walls in your home. If you have ever gone into a room where there is no art hanging on the walls, it seems stark and cold. That is why art has endured the test of time from the caveman to the present day and into the future. The art we have speaks to our lifestyle and values and it says a lot about who we are, where we have been and where we are going. Most importantly, it formulates young impressionable minds and how they think about themselves and life in general. If you plant a garden and cultivate it, you will grow beautiful and vibrant things, but if you leave it to its own devices, you will end up with weeds. So, surround your children with wholesome art of all varieties and if they start to bend from peer pressure to the loud, leud and vulgar side of art, don’t be afraid to guide them back to the right path; after all, they are your garden and your future.